This is plainly a listing of what I consume and what I spend on food and drink/alcohol (very important to a students supplies I think you'll agree). It's a way of recording my folly's and savings in my food budget.

A quick disclaimer too:

Whilst I am a meagre 8 stone in weight, I have no eating disorders. I may starve myself on occasion, but this is purely in the name of economy, and being able to afford the next night out.

I DO NOT advise you to take diet tips from me. I love food; I would eat it all day if I could afford it. Unless you are clinically obese, or in danger of becoming clinically obese I heartily encourage you to enjoy your food. Hopefully once I get a job you'll see how much I love cooking. You'll also notice that I am a shameless scrounger and that I can display a monstrous appetite when the opportunity presents itself.

This is an experiment intended to derive exactly how much I spend on what each month. If I don't update it every day, or miss bits out don't blame me - I'm a busy guy!