Sunday, 11 January 2009

The Importance of Being Drunk



1/2 breakfast muffin with brie


1 x L home made ratatouille with brown rice


A few crisps
1 x slice of buttered toast and brie
1 x slice of jam on toast
1 x fish finger sandwich


.A friend contacted me today, worried about my calorie intake. Apparently if I go below a certain level I will start experiencing muscle loss. Worried about this I continued to state how much alcohol I had been drinking. Apparently this was sufficient. So it appears that being drnk is incredibly important for my health! I got a little tipsy last night with some mates. I will continue to document when I have been drinking from now on.

.Muffin was leftovers from house mates' breakfast

.all ingredients bar the rice from the ratatouille were provided by a house mate; cooked a meal for two.

.Crisps were also scrounged.

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