Wednesday, 11 February 2009




1 x L spinach and ricotta tortellini w/pan fried red peppers, onions and tomato sauce


1 x M Grilled mixed vegetables with pasta
1/3 x tub of Hagendaas praline and cream ice cream
some Haribo star mix.


.Lunch was donated very kindly by a friend.

.Dinner was mostly provided, also very kindly, by a house mate.

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Sarah said...

More days like this please. One meal a day is NOT enough. Please, pleeease cash the cheque I sent you and buy some citrus fruit and a good all-round multivitamin. Nobody expects poor students to manage 5-a-day but if you're not eating any fruit at all you absolutely must take a multivitamin, you're missing out so many important vitamins and minerals. That's bad. I'd rather you spent it on that than another bottle of tequila... :(

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