Sunday, 8 March 2009

Off the rails

Ok, I'm going to be honest - I can't remember everything from last week. Being in a pub from midday to often 3am isn't good for a structured blog. If you do follow this at all I apologise, but I guess the person I should most apologise to is myself.

So, sorry Gaffen I've let you down.

I'll start again from Saturday:



1 x beef pasty (£1)
1 x margharita pizza (£1.60)
2 x chicken dumpling?


1 x margharita pizza (£1.60)
A couple of prawn crackers


.Supposed 'dumpling' (don't know what it was on the menu) and prawn crackers were salvaged from house mates' leftovers. I tried to eat the left over sweet and sour dish, but I just can't STAND the stuff :(



1 x Mr Tom peanut bar (40p)

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