Monday, 6 April 2009

Second big shopping trip

Went Shopping today, here's a run down:

My overall expenditure was just over a tenner (there's an extra two pounds that aren't listed).

This shop should last me a good way into next term (start of term is in two weeks' time).

Lidl was an experiment in finding a better bargain, and so far I'd say if pasta's what you want then that's what you'll find. However, Tesco's value bread was under 50p, the cheapest Lidl alternative, whilst being far better quality and available in wholemeal which is far healthier, weighed in at 65p.

Tesco value peas were also significantly cheaper than the Lidl alternative at 85p for 900g in comparison to £1.26 for 1kg. Tesco is also cheaper than Iceland's £1 for a kilo. If you do the math, Tesco value peas work out at 94p for a kilo.

Lots of reduced stuff was bought, I think it is definitely a good idea to pick a time to shop that will take advatage of them, just after the main commuter rush for supplies. Or even later for a local garage.

One of my best finds, however, was a small shop near tesco that was akin to a market stall selling bowls of fruit or vegetables at a pound each. I don't know
the exact weight of each bowl, but one of them had four courgettes in (which is over a pound for two at tesco). I was also thrown in a bumch of parsley and a rather ripe pear for my £2. Absolute frickin' bargain!

My biggest tip is make sure you take good advantage of your local markets!

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